Vita Jewel Water Bottle - Wellness

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VitaJuwel ViA is a glass bottle with two openings. It's made of high quality, premium glass and comes with an exchangeable bottom piece ("gempod"), filled with a selection of hand-picked gemstones. The patented gempod is manufactured by hand in the Austrian Alps.  This bottle use the indirect method of making Gem Water Elixirs.  This bottle uses hand blown Lead-free, borosilicate glass that is also Dishwasher safe. Hold 500 ml / 16.9 oz.

Wellness: Amethyst - Rose Quartz - Clear Quartz

This well-balanced composition has already been used for several hundreds of years to inspirit water by countless people all around the world. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates the mind and soothes emotions. Rose quartz fosters tranquility and harmony. Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity and perception. As a combination, they’re used for their wonderfully invigorating effect. GemWater prepared with this harmonic blend is the best “everyday water”. Most customers find it to taste smooth and mild. If you're unsure, with which VitaJuwel blend to start your collection, choose this one.

Beautiful. Powerful. Magical.

Gemstones actually possess powerful physical properties. Many spiritually-minded gemstone lovers know that crystal energy has been harnessed in sacred and naturopathic practices across various cultures including ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. In practical terms, however, one need only consider the harnessing of quartz crystal to sustain the ultra precise frequency needed for digital clocks and watches. That crystal lattice is shared by all gemstones, giving them just enough vibration on a nano-level, if you will, to essentialy 'wake up' water and remind it that it once flowed from mountain peaks through a myriad of mineral materials to become crisp, clean, and vibrant spring water.

Tasting is believing

While the metaphysical scope of their power may be open for interpretation (we're true believers by the way), the fact is, tasting is believing. It works! What people experience on their palate is often described as a ‘softer’ texture and ‘cleaner’ taste. Everyone's palate is different, of course, but the range of people's descriptions include words like smooth, silky, full, round, and our team's favorite: velvety! What they're tasting (or feeling, really) is a boost in alkalinity and oxygenation levels comparable to those found in natural spring water.