Aromatherapy Stainless Steel Diffuser Pendent Lotus Flower

  • $30.00

Imagine being able to stop a bad mood with a single sniff. boost memory and cognitive ability and and give you immune system a healthy kick start when you're feeling sick. That's the power of aromatherapy! Unlike your other major senses, smells has a direct line access to your brain. That's why essential oils are so powerful. 

Use these personal aromatherapy pendents made from 316 stainless steel to give yourself an immediate boost when ever you want! Each pendent is 30mm wide and includes a magnetic closure along with 10 interchangeable felt pads in different colours.  Simply change the felt pad to one of the five colours to change the look when ever you want. And because you're not putting the oils on your body or clothes, its easy to change the scent by simply changing the felt pads.

Simply apply 1-3 drops to the felt pad and close your pendent. The best part is the oils never soak through to your clothing so its easy to change your scents on the go. Refresh your aromatherapy pendant by adding a few more drops as needed. Some scents will last as long as several days, others may need to be refreshed more often.

  • 30mm wide
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Solid back
  • 10 felt pads in 5 colours