FEATHER Candle Candelina's (Set of 3) - White / Pink

  • $30.00

The original Abundance Quartz Crystal candles by Zen Den.

Make your own Zen Den with these meditation candles inspired by nature's most magical creations. Realistic details on these Abundance Quartz Candles are enhanced by gradating color depth and highlighted with iridescent (aura) shimmer.
Just like real crystals, no two are exactly alike!
Luxurious and unique, these Abundance Quartz Candles are a beautiful addition to any home decor, celebration or collection.
Combine these with our 'Crystal Cluster' 'Bull Skull' and 'Feather' candles for the ultimate boho Birthday or Western themed wedding.

Hand Crafted In Canada

* Material : High Quality (food grade) Paraffin Wax
* Dimensions : 12.7cm x 7.5cm x 5cm
* Weight : 15g
* Burn Time : approx 6 hours*
* Wick : 100% Organic Cotton
* Finishes :  Food safe pigments
* Scent : Unscented